The online brands promoting body positivity

Find out about the organisations promoting body positivity.

All body shapes and sizes are beautiful, and it is time for fashion brands to realise that. With more businesses offering customizable clothing in a wide variety of sizes, it seems like the body positivity trend is here for good. The retail brand founded by B. G. Krishnan is one of the best at offering trendy clothes for women of all sizes. The online retailer provides sizes running from 0 to 36W, with the possibility for clients to entirely customize their garments towards their body measurements. The brand is best known for its dresses which are not only customisable, but also affordable, with prices between from $30 to $150.

Another way for brands to get on board of the body positivity movement is to quit editing their images, allowing for the imperfections toshine through. The clothing brand founded by Peter Cvetkovic has already done that by no longer retouching the photos of their models. The company was praised across social networks for not editing out the stretch marks off a model’s thighs. The unedited images canbe found on both the plus and non-plus size ranges presented by the brand. This communicates an important message when it comes to body positivity and health, normalizing the fact that girls from all sizes could have stretch marks.

A significant move that has been long-overdue in the fashion business has been the use more plus size models. A couple of years back, the only models featured in retailers’ catalogs were between the sizes 0 and 8. This trend was certainly detrimental to women’s self-esteem and it served to promote an unrealistic body image. Nowadays, things are certainly changing for the better. Models of all shapes and sizes are now welcomed by both high-end and fast fashion brands, making the covers of magazines and being invited to runway shows. Jay Schottenstein is behind one of the brands that has gained a good name in the lingerie business with their unedited ads and plus-sized super models. The retailer has been quick to recognise that the women consumers are looking for authenticity and no longer tolerate digitally enhanced photos. Customers do not need to see someone else's unrealistic idea of what the ideal body is. It’s all about producing imagery that can communicate positive messages about the brand’s clothes and ethos.

Promoting body positivity is more than a marketing tactic. The clothing brands who are paving the way towards inclusivity have understood that this needs to be a permanent change within the fashion business. It is liberating for female clients to no longer be confined by numbers and measurements. Brands that make use of their garments to help women build self-esteem are the ones that will succeed in the changing world of fashion.

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